Anthony Hopkins, Anson Mount And Abbie Cornish On For The Virtuoso

Anthony Hopkins, Anson Mount, Abbie Cornish

by James White |
Published on

Oh, professional assassins on the big screen. When will you learn that life isn't ever going to be easy for you? Anson Mount will become the latest person to experience that, as he, Anthony Hopkins and Abbie Cornish will all star in The Virtuoso.

Director Nick Stagliano has worked on a script originated by James C. Wolf, which finds Mount's hitman tasked with tracking down and kill his latest target to satisfy an outstanding debt to his mentor (Hopkins). Unlike his other “jobs,” this assignment offers precious little information. He’s given no name or photo, only that his target will be in a rustic diner in a dying town at 5:00 PM.

Bound by obligation, the Virtuoso embarks on a manhunt to find his prey and accomplish the mission. Any one of the patrons in the diner could be the mark, even the enigmatic waitress (Cornish) who, even if she’s not the prey, could prove to be a distraction that threatens to derail his task, and endanger his life...

The cameras are rolling now, and the rights to the film will be available at Cannes.

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