Another New Joker Pic Is Online

And a new line of dialogue, too!

Another New Joker Pic Is Online

by Tom Ambrose |
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There’s a new picture of The Joker from The Dark Knight online – and a new line of dialogue, spoken by Heath Ledger. And, true to form for the Clown Prince of Crime, accessing them wasn’t easy.

Yesterday, we reported that the Dark Knight viral site,, had posted details of a new game for its readers (in America only, sadly) to play, which resulted in uncovering a new message from the Joker. That message read, ‘The Only Sensible Way To Live In This World Is Without Rules’, which pretty much sums up the Joker’s worldview.

Now that each letter has been revealed, the photo that was lurking underneath the message can be clicked on. Do so, and you’ll find a new picture of Heath Ledger’s Joker sitting in a car, with a masked henchman at the wheel in front of him.

Not only is this possibly our clearest glimpse of The Joker so far, indicating that his white face is criss-crossed with tiny scars, but we also get to hear a new line of dialogue from the film, in which Ledger (in that deep, smoky drawl that he’s chosen for The Joker) announces, “And tonight, you’re going to break your one rule.”

Now this is intriguing. Empire’s first reaction is that this is a line spoken to Batman, whose one rule – famously – is ‘don’t kill anyone’? Is The Joker going to try and goad the Caped Crusader into stepping over the line in Chris Nolan’s sequel?

But the fun’n’games don’t stop there. Clicking on the scalpel that overlays the new Joker pic will take you to another new game, called Rory’s Death Kiss. Now, so far, there isn’t a character called Rory credited for The Dark Knight, so we’re not quite sure who Rory is. But we're worried for him.

Anyway, the game asks for readers to take pictures of themselves on Halloween night, dressed as The Joker. “Do this for me… and I’ll do something to for you,” says The Joker, in a note.

Obviously, the game is now over, so we have to wait and see what the new Bat-nemesis has up his sleeve. The game is afoot – and we’re just wondering when Batman himself is going to get in on all this viral marketing stuff.

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