Another Day At The Office

BBC comedy stars reunite for sex comedy

by empire |
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Everyone who shed a tear as series two of cringeworthy yet brilliant comedy product, The Office, faded from our screens can let out a strident 'hurrah!' for Gareth and Dawn are back together for British sex comedy, Sex Lives of the Potato Men. Mackenzie Crook and Lucy Davis together again may seem like an answered prayer in and of itself but the news gets better still. The film will also star the eternally funny Johnny Vegas and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss to ensure that comic credentials are well and truly in order. Now, try to suspend your disbelief when we tell you that Vegas and Mackenzie will take the lead as a pair of blokes who reckon themselves to be what Variety describes as 'Birmingham's answer to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. Engaged in the time-honoured pastime of 'chasing birds', the pair divide themselves between trying to pull and evading the vengeful wrath of past conquests. The modestly budgeted $3 million comedy may sound daft as a brush but with such a wealth of home-grown comedy genius on show, we can all but guarantee the kind of gut-busting laughs that leave you curled on the carpet and begging for mercy.

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