Annabelle Sequel In The Works

Gary Dauberman is writing a new script


by James White |
Published on

Though you could technically argue that the sequel to 2014’s horror hit Annabelle should really be The Conjuring, to which it served as a prequel, the team behind the film factored in enough time to allow for other films with the demonic doll. So now her second solo outing is in the works at New Line.

It’s perhaps not too much of a surprise, since the film earned more than $245 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $6.5 million. Gary Dauberman, who provided the script for that one is back on duty here, though according to Variety, no one else is aboard yet.

The first Annabelle, which told an early story of the possessed doll that was shown in the initial scene of The Conjuring and was causing problems long before paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) happened upon it, followed a young couple whose home was invaded by satanic cultists and the spirit of one of them ended up in the already freakish toy.

So it’s looking like we’ll get another story of people who think Annabelle could be right for their home despite her off-putting smirk and haunted eyes, only to discover that that was a terrible idea. It’s part of the ever-expanding world of The Conjuring, with that film’s own sequel, The Enfield Poltergeist, now in production and ready to unleash fresh horrors on June 17 next year.

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