Aniston Says “My Puma”

Romcom for Friends star? Surely not!

Aniston Says "My Puma"

by Owen Williams |
Published on

There comes a time in an actress' career when she must face the marching of time. Winona played Spock's mom, and now Jennifer Aniston has signed on for Pumas, in which she'll play a thirtysomething with a jones for younger men.

Why's it called Pumas, we wonder? Maybe Cougars was too un-pc.

Whatever, we hope the funniest thing about this romcom is not the director's name. Wayne McClammy (no, really) will be helming Melissa Stack's script.

McClammy is suddenly a hot property, after he came to public attention for co-writing and directing Sarah Silverman's clip about her "relationship" with Matt Damon (and its sequel{ =nofollow}) for the Jimmy Kimmel show. He's also lined up for the comedies Cool School, **Le Car **and Beat Kip.

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