Animated Priest Prologue Online

Tartakovsky paints the background

Animated Priest Prologue Online

by Owen Williams |
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It's actually an unusually beautiful trailer, but this clip is also, as-officially-described, an animated prologue to the almost-upon-us **Priest, starring Paul Bettany and Maggie Q.

Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Clone Wars) is the man responsible, and his signature style is all over this short set-up to Priest's world of warrior monks, trained to fight the vampires outside the walls of a fortress city, but then abandoned and shunned by the society that created them. Cue a nice reveal of Paul Bettany as the action abruptly switches from cartoon to live-action for some quick-cut mayhem.

We still see a lot of Judge Dredd in that mega-city-versus-cursed-Earth set-up, but we're actually starting to quite anticipate Priest. At this point, we've almost forgotten about Legion. Almost. If the whole movie was going to be Tartakovsky-animated though we'd be really excited. You have to "like" the Facebook page to see the prologue, but there's a YouTube version if you're not quite up for that.

There's also a new poster floating around on the interweb, showcasing the bikes (ahem-Lawmasters-ahem) glimpsed at the end of the clip.

Priest, aside from Bettany, stars Maggie Q (who introduces the prologue), Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet and Lily Collins. It's directed by Scott Stewart, based on Min-Woo Hyung's comic, and it's out in the UK on May 11.

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