Andy Muschietti Attached To Direct Shadow Of The Colossus

He's taking over for Josh Trank

Andy Muschietti Attached To Direct Shadow Of The Colossus

by James White |
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For a while, it appeared that Chronicle**’s Josh Trank would be the man to tackle the film adaptation of Sony PlayStation title Shadow Of The Colossus. But with Trank busy on **Fantastic Four **and one of the Star Wars spin-off films, a new director is called for, and Mama’s Andy Muschietti is stepping into the breach{ =nofollow}.

The strange and beautiful game focuses on a character called Wander, who must, er, wander through a cursed waste called the Forbidden Land and slay 16 enormous "colossi" (this basically involved searching a creature hundreds of times your size for the tiny "glowy bit" where they are vulnerable) in order to save the life of a girl, Mono.

The title was much praised for its gorgeous art and high-quality score, and is sufficiently bare bones of plot that there is lots of room for scriptwriters to find a story. While Justin Marks was working on the script back when Trank was attached, Hanna co-writer Seth Lochhead will take over under Muschietti’s supervision.

It’s the latest high profile potential gig for Muschietti, who last year was in contention to take Universal’s latest **Mummy **reboot, a job that has since gone to writer/producer Alex Kurtzman. Let's hope he can maintain the strange and rather tragic tone that marks Shadow Of The Colossus as he brings it to the screen.

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