Andrew Garfield heads to World War II in the Hacksaw Ridge trailer

Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge

by James White |
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Mel Gibson has had success with war films before, so it makes sense that he'd choose to get back to work behind a camera for the first time in a decade with a World War II tale. Check out Andrew Garfield in the first trailer for Hacksaw Ridge.

With a script from Robert Schenkkan and Andrew Knight, Hacksaw Ridge is based on the true story of Desmond T. Doss, who served as a US Army medic in World War II during the battle of Okinawa and refused to kill. His religious and moral objections to handling weapons initially earned him the scorn of his commanding officers and fellow troops, but his incredible valour saving lives during the battle saw him awarded the Medal of Honor, the first time a conscientious objector has won the decoration.

Garfield is playing Doss, with Vince Vaughn as Sergeant Howell, the man whose job it is to get raw recruits ready for combat, Sam Worthington as Captain Glover, in charge of the unit and Luke Bracey is Smitty Ryker, the tough alpha of the platoon. Teresa Palmer co-stars as Dorothy Shutte, who finds something to love in Doss, with Rachel Griffiths as his mother, Bertha. American audiences will see this one on November 4, but it has yet to be handed its marching papers for the UK.

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