Anaconda Slithering Down The Reboot Route

Anaconda (1997)

by James White |
Published on

A giant snake. Jennifer Lopez. Jon Voight acting like a lunatic. Yes, 1997's Anaconda is more remembered for its madcap reptile action than its critical reception, but what you might not know is that it became a cult hit, earned plenty of money and spawned three sequels, including one cinematic follow-up. Now Sony has decided that it wants to unleash the beast once more, putting a reboot into the works.

Snow White And The Huntsman/Tomb Raider's Evan Daugherty is the man hired to work on the script, which will re-imagine the basic story. The original saw a documentary crew venturing into the Amazon and crossing paths with an obsessed hunter who is tracking a legendary anaconda. He derails the expedition for his own purposes, leaving the team to face both a mad man and a huge snake that wants to squeeze them to death and swallow them whole.

Sony's plan is for the eventual film to take an approach similar to The Meg, which brought bigger scale to a B-movie concept. We have our doubts that J-Lo would be back for this one... but maybe a cameo?

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