American Gods Blessed With A Third Season

American Gods

by James White |
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The small screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods finally returned to the world this month, to muted and often negative reviews and after lots of reports of behind-the-scenes chaos. True or not, whatever went on contributed to the delay and the departure of yet another showrunner and the show's future looked somewhat in doubt. Now, though, US network Starz has announced that a third season will indeed go ahead, led by former Walking Dead and Hemlock Grove writer/producer Charles "Chic" Eglee.

"Audiences continue to worship at the altar of American Gods and we are excited to be able to announce to all the true believers that there is more of this fantastical series to come," says Starz programming boss Carmi Zlotnik of the show that finds old gods warring with new ones for their very existence and the power that human belief offers. "With Chic at the helm, the invaluable insight and contributions of Neil Gaiman and the undeniable talent of this dedicated cast and crew, we know that the show will continue to deliver on the vision and promise laid out in the novel."

Gaiman has been closely involved with the show since it began (though he doesn't run it the way he has the more limited Good Omens), and seems happy with the new choice to handle that job. "I’m thrilled American Gods has been renewed for a third season, and even more thrilled that I’m getting to work on it with Chic Eglee,” he commented on Friday. "Chic is the best partner-in-crime. We’ve been working for weeks now on the shape of the season and I’m delighted that he gets to carry the American Gods torch on to glory."

Given that there remains a large chunk of the book to adapt, it seems clear Starz and Gaiman are looking to have this one run its course, with Eglee aiming to bring the new season in much faster than the last one.

With Ian McShane, Pablo Schreiber, Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning and Orlando Jones among the cast, American Gods airs on Starz Sundays, and is carried by Amazon Prime in the UK.

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