All Quiet On The Western Front Director Edward Berger Developing New Jason Bourne Film

Edward Berger

by James White |
Published on

You are a celebrated director whose most recent work won four Oscars and rocketed you to the top of every studio's must-meet-with list. So what has All Quiet On The Western Front filmmaker Edward Berger (for it is he) chosen as a potential follow-up to such a resounding success? If you had "a new Jason Bourne film" on your bingo card we A) congratulate you and B) wonder where you got your psychic powers, because we're really not sure we saw this one coming.

Yet it's true, at least according to Deadline (and since picked up by other trade sites): Berger is in negotiations to take on the job of developing a new Bourne movie for Universal.

The studio is looking to go back to the Bourne well, which handed it a series of wins via the Doug Liman-directed The Bourne Identity and following Paul Greengrass-crafted The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum and his 2016 follow-up, simply called Jason Bourne. Oh, and there was also the Jeremy Renner starring spin-off film The Bourne Legacy.

It's apparently very early days for this one, and no script is in place. Quite how it'll bring Robert Ludlum's amnesiac agent to the screens once again is a mystery for now, as is whether Matt Damon will be back in the title role or if this will serve as a reboot/re-working with a new actor playing the title character. Let's see how this one develops and whether anyone gets whacked around the chops with a rolled-up magazine in the process…

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