All Of Us Strangers Trailer: Andrew Scott Is Reunited With The Ghosts Of His Parents In Andrew Haigh’s Emotional Drama

All Of Us Strangers

by Ben Travis |
Published on

If early word is anything to go by, the new film from Andrew Haigh is set to hit ‘bring a full pack of tissues’ on the tear scale. Because, All Of Us Strangers is an emotional tale on many fronts – not only unfolding a tender love story between Andrew Scott’s Adam and his neighbour Harry, played by Paul Mescal, with all of the feelings that arise when a new relationship begins, but also delivering another kind of emotional twist from there. Returning to his home town, Adam goes back to his childhood home to find that his late parents (played by Jamie Bell and Claire Foy) are manifesting there, as if preserved in amber, despite have died three decades previously. It’s a set-up primed to deliver all kinds of stirring emotions about love, loss and everything in between. Check out the trailer here:

Haigh’s latest – his first film since 2017’s Lean On Pete, though he helmed episodes of The OA and the entire run of The North Water on the BBC in the meantime – is adapted from the novel Strangers by Japanese author Taichi Yamada, and according to early festival reports, it’s something of a knockout. Its due in UK cinemas in early 2024 – but lucky audiences heading to the BFI London Film Festival in a few weeks will get a chance to see it first, screening in the capital from 8 October.

And if you can’t make it to the LFF and have to wait until next year? Well, that’s all the more time to stock up on those tissues. We hear you’ll really need them.

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