Ali Larter Returns For Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Claire Redfield is back


by James White |
Published on

Although we still don’t know whether the title Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will stick (the team might still want to leave the door open to possible future entries), some things are locked in place for the sixth film, including Milla Jovovich and writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson. Deadline brings word today that Ali Larter will be back as Claire Redfield.

Larter, a veteran of the third and fourth films (and glimpsed in archive footage during the fifth), is confirmed as returning, though quite what Claire will be up to is anyone’s guess that this point. The new film picks up the story following the end of 2012’s Retribution, which ended with Jovovich’s Alice and some of the rag-tag human survivors joining the Umbrella army in defending the White House against a huge tide of the Red Queen’s zombie creatures. So there will be the usual carnage, but perhaps also some closure for our central heroine.

The film has had to wait as Jovovich and husband Anderson became parents for the second time in April, meaning that the shoot is now scheduled for September in South Africa, with a US release date set for roughly a year after that. Larter has also recently worked on horror pic The Diabolical, scheduled for an October 16 release across the pond but with no sign of it reaching these shores yet.

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