Alex Kurtzman Expanding The Star Trek TV Universe

Alex Kurtzman

by James White |
Published on

Following on from the recent change at the top for Star Trek: Discovery, with show-runners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg shown the airlock and fellow executive producer (also one of the co-creators) Alex Kurtzman taking over, there are plans for the televisual Trek universe to expand.

Kurtzman has just signed a big, $25 million deal with CBS Television Studios, which produces Discovery for its All Access streaming service in the US. Under the pact, he'll serve as the sole boss for the latter half of Discovery's second season, but beyond that, he'll also be spearheading work on other series and miniseries set within the universe.

Given that the deal has only recently been struck, and Kurtzman's time being devoted to Discovery, there's nothing official yet about what shape those other potential shows might take. But heat has been building behind the idea of a Patrick Stewart-starring reboot (with The Hollywood Reporter hearing that both Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman are interested in it) and possible returns for the likes of Michelle Yeoh and Jason Isaacs (spoiler alert: Emperor Georgiou is still kicking around, recruited by Section 31 at the end of Season One), while Lorca could always be returned via some science fiction plot magic.

Star Trek: Discovery will be back next year.

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