Alan Moore Planning A Film Project

Writing a series of short Show Pieces

Alan Moore Planning A Film Project

by Owen Williams |
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His antipathy towards other people's movie versions of his own work is legendary, so perhaps that's the reason why Alan Moore is planning a film project of his own. He's written the first two instalments in a planned series of shorts called Show Pieces, to be directed by photographer Mitch Jenkins.

The first two "occult, noir-flecked" films in the "multi-layered, multi-episode narrative" are Act Of Faith and Jimmy's End. The former has already been filmed in London, and stars Siobhan Hewlett (Torchwood, Sherlock). The latter will shoot in Moore's native Northampton later in the year.

Moore, if you're somehow not aware, is the guru responsible for heavyweight comics masterworks like Watchmen, V For Vendetta and From Hell (and more recently Lost Girls, the Lovecraftian Neonomicon and the ongoing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, among many other indie projects). He's widely held to be one of the most culturally and historically significant comics writers of all time, although perhaps no one is quite as great an admirer of his work as Moore is himself.

The press release describes Show Pieces as Moore's first work written specifically for the screen, but that's not strictly true: back in the '80s he collaborated with Malcolm McLaren on a never-filmed screenplay called Fashion Beast, which is now about to be recycled as a comic.

Jenkins, meanwhile, has in recent months shot numerous photoshoots for The Times, and worked on ad campaigns for the likes of Breakout Kings and Sky's Treasure Island. His IMDb page also lists a handful of Fields Of The Nephilim videos.

Both Act Of Faith and Jimmy's End will premiere in New York in October, after which they'll be available to stream online via the digital arts platform The Creator's Project.

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