Affleck Bats For Other Team

Gay Baseball flick slated to be Ben's<br>latest sign-up

by Willow Green |
Published on

He's a number one sex symbol as far as the ladies are concerned, but with his latest role Ben Affleck will be switching his attention to the guys. In a scoop reported by the Daily News' Rush and Malloy (and Mr Showbiz), the word is out that Affleck is thinking about taking on the lead role in a gay baseball comedy. The movie is based on the 1992 novel by Peter Lefcourt, The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story in which a premier league baseball player has an affair with a teammate. The rumour's been given greater credence by the fact that Affleck is a vocal baseball fan. As to whether it'll hurt or help his sex symbol image, the book's author says the role won't demand any explicitly gay love scenes. 'There's a kiss, but no graphic sex,' says Lefcourt.

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