Adventure Time Heads To Cinemas

Finn and Jake go big (screen)


by James White |
Published on

Adventure Time on the US Cartoon Network has quickly become something of a phenomenon with kids, fans of more surreal animation and those who enjoy cartoons while, shall we say, chemically enhanced. Or, to use the scientific term: tripping balls. But the head rush of a ‘toon series has many loyal fans and celebrities queuing up to lend their voices, so it’s perhaps not that surprising to learn that Warner Bros. is looking to turn the show into a movie.

The basic setup of the show finds 12-year-old Finn and canine best friend Jake questing to protect their beloved land of Ooo, which is under threat from a variety of villains, most notably the Ice King, who is on his own mission to track down his beloved Princess Bubblegum.

Created by Pendleton Ward, the series has been running since 2010, pumping out all manner of weirdness that has led to vague comparisons to the likes of Calvin & Hobbes. Now Warners is hoping that its fan base will follow it to the big screen, hiring Lego Movie editor/animation director Chris McKay and producer Roy Lee to oversee the project. They’re both too busy on the various** Lego Movie** sequels (Lee oversees them all, while McKay is directing The Lego Batman Movie), to contribute directly, but they’ll work with Ward on the writing and producing side of any Adventure Time movie.

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