Adam Wingard Directing Face/Off Follow-Up

Adam Wingard

by James White |
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Not content with wrangling two giant beasts to the screen for the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong, director Adam Wingard is looking to tackle an even bigger challenge for a future film – re-imagining backlash. He's attached work on a new movie that will channel 1997's action madness Face/Off.

Deadline brought word of Wingard's involvement in the new film, which, when it was originally announced, looked set to be a remake. Wingard and co-writer Simon Barrett are apparently taking more of a sequel route, with new characters.

John Woo directed the original, in which John Travolta played FBI agent Sean Archer, who is obsessed with catching a homicidal sociopath named Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), who is responsible for killing the fed’s son. The agent undergoes facial transplant surgery and takes the mug of his nemesis so he can be sent to prison to find out a bomb’s whereabouts and stop an attack. The plan goes awry when the baddie wakes up and takes the face of the FBI agent. Soon, the new-faced Castor visits the agent with the villainous face and takes glee in taunting him, telling him that the face surgeons have been killed, that the good guy is stuck with the face he hates most, and that the villain is going home to bed his wife and take over his home life. Cue the usual Woo action madness (slow-mo doves included).

We'll have to wait to see Wingard's take and how he continues the story. Godzilla Vs Kong, meanwhile, will stomp on to screens big and small on 31 March.

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