Adam Goldberg Joins Inferno

Alongside Sasha Grey & Harold Perrineau

Adam Goldberg Joins Inferno

by James White |
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The ongoing battle of the Lovelace biopics has obviously entered its next phase: co-star casting. Yesterday, we brought word of the Amanda Seyfried-starring Lovelace grabbing a few actors and now competing project Inferno (featuring Malin Akerman as Linda) is firing back, roping in Adam Goldberg, Harold Perrineau and Sasha Grey.

Goldman will play Harry Reems, the porn star who worked with Lovelace (then Linda Boreman) on the infamous** Deep Throat** film that rocketed her to skin flick superstardom, which she briefly embraced before renouncing her former career and writing memoir Ordeal about her tribulations.

Perrineau, meanwhile, is on as Sammy Davis Jr, who was Lovelace’s lover for a while. Grey’s role is not specified, but after switching from her own porn world to mainstream acting with Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, Grey will no doubt serve as a key consultant on any raunchier material.

Matthew Wilder is at the helm of this one, which will focus more on Lovelace’s troubles, with her book Ordeal as its source material. Matt Dillon is already also aboard as Chuck Traynor, who originally spotted Boreman and cast her in Deep Throat. The pair also married, though their relationship was tumultuous at best.

Wilder aims to kick off shooting next month, and then the race will be on to see who can bring their Lovelace story out first.

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