Actor’s Brush With Terrorists?

James Woods reports air passengers to FBI

by empire |
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Did actor James Woods encounter some of the terrorists behind the atrocities in America last week? That's the story according to both New York post columnist Cindy Adams who broke the story, and Wood's publicist, who confirmed it this week. As Adams tells it, Woods took a flight from Boston to Los Angeles last month and was so disturbed by the behaviour of four of his fellow passengers, that he reported the matter to the FBI - unfortunately only after last Tuesday's terrorist attack. The four men - who were reportedly of Middle Eastern appearance - were the only other passengers in first class with Woods. Their odd behaviour consisted of refusing all food and drink, neither sleeping or reading, but staying bolt upright in their seats, staring straight ahead - and speaking to each other only in the quietest of tones. The day after the terrorist attacks, Woods called the FBI about his encounter, and was later visited by FBI agents for further quizzing on the subject. In a statement, issued by his publicist, Woods had only this to say; "I think it prudent not to comment on this and let the FBI continue to do their job.'

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