Aaron Sorkin’s Trial Of The Chicago 7 Coming To Netflix

Aaron Sorkin

by Ben Travis |
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Ready for some fresh news on Aaron Sorkin’s latest movie? Let’s walk and talk. Here are the key briefing points: the legendary screenwriter, producer, showrunner, and director – behind the likes of The West Wing, The Social Network, Steve Jobs and more – has been working away at his follow-up to 2017 directorial debut Molly’s Game, titled The Trial Of The Chicago 7. It’s based on a true story rooted in politics, which is prime Sorkin territory, it has a ridiculously starry cast, and a screenplay from Sorkin himself. The film is in the can, currently in post-production, and was initially set to be a Paramount film. (Someone pops in from the side and hands over a piece of paper.) The latest intel from Deadline is that the film has now been picked up by Netflix, and is going to receive a streaming release later this year.

(Turns a corner.) According to Deadline, the streaming service has paid over $50 million to release the film, and the Coronavirus pandemic was reportedly a key factor in the film’s move from a traditional studio theatrical release to digital distribution. Through Paramount, it was set for a US launch in September, and on Netflix it’s expected to arrive before the end of 2020. (Accepts a coffee from the sidelines.) That would put it out around the time of the US Presidential election, which would be fitting timing – the story revolves around the 1968 Democratic National Convention, where a peaceful protest devolved into a clash with police, kicking off a trial where the protest organisers were charged with conspiracy to incite a riot. Police violence? Controversial rulings? Young activists making a stand? This might as well be a contemporary story.

(Turns a corner, again.) This is a big acquisition for Netflix, especially given the major star names involved. (Accepts another sheet of people, scans over it.) The cast for the film includes the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael Keaton, Mark Rylance, Frank Langella, Sacha Baron Cohen and more, which is quite the ensemble. And with Sorkin’s near-unparalleled gifts for crafting exquisite operatic dialogue based on real-life figures and events, the film looks set to be pretty special. (Hand all papers across to someone else.) Whatever the cinema situation, The Trial Of The Chicago 7 looks like a surefire 2020 release – and how many films right now can say that? – as well as a probable Oscar contender, and we may start seeing bits of promotional material in the not-too-distant future. Right now, we’re off to another trial – to decide once and for all whether Molly’s Game is a three-star, or a four-star, masterpiece. (Exits through double doors at the end of corridor.)

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