Aaron Paul Knows It’s A Long Way Down

He's on for the Hornby adaptation

Aaron Paul Knows It's A Long Way Down

by James White |
Published on

Though we doubt that he’ll get the chance to slip the phrase, “Yo, bitch!” in at any point, we’re still glad to see Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul grabbing more film roles as the show prepares to wrap up next year. His latest gig finds him taking over from Emile Hirsch in the adaptation of Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down.

Director Paschal Chaumeil is finally getting started making the movie next month in September, but a shifted schedule means that Hirsch has to skip, and opened up a slot for Paul.

The script, written by Jack Thorne, finds four people meeting on top of a tall building on New Year’s Eve. But they’re not celebrating: they’re all planning to commit suicide for different reasons.

Pierce Brosnan is a TV talk show host whose life and career has been ruined by a scandalous affair. Toni Collette will be the mother of a disabled boy who simply can’t cope with the struggle any more. Imogen Poots is appearing as a troubled 18-year-old girl whose family problems have driven her to the literal edge, while Paul will be JJ, a pizza delivery driver whose rock star dreams shattered around the same time his girlfriend left him. Things could be worse, though: at least he doesn’t have to deal with Walter White…

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