$50 Fine For McConaughey

Actor escapes lightly from naked bongo incident

by Willow Green |
Published on

Matthew McConaughey escapes with fine

Actor Matthew McConaughey has escaped with a $50 fine following his arrest for creating a noise disturbance - he was playing the bongos, buck naked, in his living room at the time. Police in Austin, Texas, nabbed McConaughey on October 25 after neighbours complained about the racket coming from his house. Observing the naked actor immersed in his bongo drums, the authorities promptly raided his home, allegedly discovering some pot paraphenalia inside. In what has to have been Austin's most entertaining court case in recent memory, McConaughey's lawyer said, 'It's legal to play the bongos naked in your own home. That's why people move to Austin - it's the live-music capital of the world.' Drug charges were dropped after the judge decided that the police had entered McConaughey's home illegally.

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