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24 Legacy

by John Nugent, Laura Hancock |
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The Jack Bauer Power Hour may be gone, but 24 continues apace. Next year sees the debut of spin-off series 24: Legacy, and Fox are not ready to throw away the keys to the characters of the 24-niverse just yet. In the new-look Empire, on sale from Thursday, the show’s producer Howard Gordon hints at the potential for returning characters.

As we saw from the first trailer (below), Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins is the new lead character for the show, playing Special Forces soldier Eric Carter. But what of Kiefer Sutherland’s Bauer? “Our intention is definitely to bring some of the old people into this story, says Gordon, "up to and including Kiefer, once this show gets its legs.”

This is open to interpretation: it could be that the producers will wait to see if Legacy has the legs to hit a second season. Or it could mean a small but significant cameo for Bauer in its initial season.

We do at least know for sure that Hawkins will be joined by Anna Diop, Ashley Thomas, Jimmy Smits and Miranda Otto, and that like the most recent season of 24, there will be only 12 episodes, rather than the traditional 24.

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