13 Trailer Takes Aim Online

Statham! Rourke! Winston! Fiddy!

13 Trailer Takes Aim Online

by Owen Williams |
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It's the second Jason Statham clip of the day, but this one's a bit different to The Mechanic. See what you make of the trailer for **13 (the US remake of the French 13 Tzameti), which also stars Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone, 50 Cent and Sam Riley.

13 sees Riley playing a naive loser, who steals a dead man's identity when he comes by illicit word of a mysterious high-paying job, but then finds himself embroiled in a terrifying gambling syndicate based around Russian Roulette. And sadly for Riley, he's a player rather than one of the gamblers.

Rourke and Winston are other "competitors", Fiddy is Rourke's bodyguard, Statham is a wealthy gambler, and Dexter's David Zayas, in a role originally earmarked for Ray Liotta, is a cop on the trail of the game.

It's not to be confused with the Belgian comics series and videogame XIII, and despite its testosterone-y cast (with no fewer than three Expendables alumni), it's not an action movie either. But there will be a lot of tough talk and a certain amount of shooting.

Original director Gela Babluani is also behind the camera (and the screenplay) for the new version, and says 13 differs significantly from 13 Tzameti because he didn't want to repeat himself. It's seen some festival action, but doesn't currently have a US or UK release date, and, even with that cast, may yet end up going straight to DVD.

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