Vote For The Greatest Movie Villains

Greatest Movie Villains

by Willow Green |
Published on

Boo! Hiss! There is particular pleasure to be derived from a great screen villain, be it Die Hard’s slick heist-boss Hans Gruber, Star Wars’ stroppy Force-wielder Kylo Ren or Goldfinger’s surprisingly non-gold-fingered Goldfinger. But who — or in the case of the Predator and Sauron, what — is the greatest? We’ve decided to find out. And we need you to assist us. Just tell us your five favourite bastards of the big screen and we will collate the results, revealing them in a sinister spectacular in a future issue of Empire. Whether your taste is for Death-eaters, chainsaw-maniacs, cannibals or replicants, now is your time to hail your baddies of choice. Just don’t expect them to do anything nice for you in return.

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