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A Quiet Place Part II

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Few cinema experiences in recent years have been as memorable or intense as A Quiet Place – a film whose world of deadly stillness cast a spell over audiences worldwide, reducing multiplex crowds to pin-drop silence. John Krasinski’s film – depicting the aftermath of an alien invasion where audibly-acute extra-terrestrial hunters come after anything that makes a sound – delivered sequences of breathless suspense, masterfully cranking the tension in a post-apocalyptic world where any noise can spell imminent death. It was best seen on the big screen, surrounded by other terrified audience members who daren’t make a single sound.

And now the cinema is the best place to see A Quiet Place Part II, an all-new suspense thriller that continues the story of the Abbott family as they’re forced to stray from the safety of the path and venture out into the big, bad world – with a newborn baby in tow, no less. While the first film took place in the (relative) safety of the farm where the family had managed to carve out a largely noise-free existence, this time silence is not enough – the Abbotts forced to face a world fraught with monsters, traps, and a different kind of threat: other survivors. Can Emily Blunt’s Evelyn, her children Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah June), and the baby survive?

A Quiet Place Part II sees Krasinski return behind the camera (and in front of it too, with the film also returning to the first day of the attacks), and Cillian Murphy joins the cast as mysterious fellow survivor Emmett. Is he friend or foe? Can Evelyn trust him with her life, and the lives of her children? It’s a sequel made for the cinema screen – where you’ll get to hear every danger-filled noise in surround sound, and experience the shocks, thrills and spills with other moviegoers.

Prepare to see what lies beyond the path with A Quiet Place Part II, out now in UK cinemas. Book your tickets now.

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