How Long Is The Runway In Furious 6?

We explain that impossible action scene – largely spoiler-free

Fast And Furious 6

by Owen Williams |
Published on

Everyone we know who has seen Furious 6 has come out marvelling at many things. How did The Rock get so muscly? Since when do officers of the London Met lean out the window of their car and fire machine guns in the street? And how long is that runway? With the help of a stopwatch, a calculator and a small model made out of empty cereal boxes – oh, and a very helpful aeronautics engineer at GJD Aerotech – we have tried our best to unravel this mystery...

Thanks to our aeronautics expert, Gary Spoors at GJD Aerotech, for help calculating these figures.

F&F6 Runway
F&F6 Runway
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