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Empire 30

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To celebrate 30 years of Empire Magazine, we launched Empire 30 – a campaign which listed the 30 greatest filmmakers of Empire’s lifetime, and brought exclusive interviews, never-before-seen photos, and tributes to some of their latest and greatest works. Across the months of 2019, each issue of Empire celebrated a different filmmaker on the list – the directorial voices that have shaped cinema and changed the game over the course of three decades.


Empire 30 Filmmakers

Martin Scorsese Empire 301 of 10

Martin Scorsese

Edgar Wright Empire 302 of 10

Edgar Wright

Kevin Feige Empire 303 of 10

Kevin Feige

Peter Jackson Empire 304 of 10

Peter Jackson

James Cameron Empire 305 of 10

James Cameron

Danny Boyle Empire 306 of 10

Danny Boyle

Spike Lee Empire 307 of 10

Spike Lee

Christopher McQuarrie Empire 308 of 10

Christopher McQuarrie

Taika Waititi Empire 309 of 10

Taika Waititi

Quentin Tarantino Empire 3010 of 10

Quentin Tarantino

Now you can read some of the highlights online, celebrating the iconic moviemakers that continue to make cinema thrive.

James Cameron

Empire – James Cameron – January 2019

The director of Avatar, Titanic, Aliens, The Terminator and more writes a personal essay on the past, present, and future of cinema. Read here.

Plus: We challenged James Cameron to a Movie Mastermind quiz, answering trivia questions about his own body of work. Watch it here:

Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi

The Polynesian polymath has a unique filmmaking voice – so we asked the stars of his movies (including Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, and Tessa Thompson) to tell us about their experiences working with him. Read here.

Plus: We interviewed Taika for a special Empire Podcast episode, talking about his screenwriting process. Listen here.

Edgar Wright

Empire – March 2019 issue preview

The films of Edgar Wright are stuffed with iconic shots – so we got our readers to vote for their favourites, and asked Wright to talk us through each of them. Read here.

Plus: We challenged Edgar Wright to a Movie Mastermind quiz, answering trivia questions about his own body of work. Watch it here:

Christopher Nolan

Empire – April 2019

In the digital age, Christopher Nolan continues to astonish with epic-scale practical filmmaking. Empire’s Dan Jolin talks about his experiences going on the director’s film sets over the years. Read here.

Danny Boyle

Empire - May 2019 issue

No two Danny Boyle movies are alike – so for Empire 30, we went genre-by-genre through his epic filmography in a brand new interview. Read here.

Plus: We challenged Danny Boyle to a Movie Mastermind quiz, answering trivia questions about his own body of work. Watch it here:

Christopher McQuarrie

Christopher McQuarrie Empire 30

Over the past decade, Christopher McQuarrie became one of the most exciting action directors around. He tells Empire how it all happened. Read here.

Peter Jackson

Empire - Summer 2019 issue

The Lord Of The Rings director doesn’t just make geeky movies – he’s a massive movie geek himself. Empire went inside his personal vault of incredible film memorabilia. Read here.

Quentin Tarantino

Empire - July 2019 issue preview

We asked your reader questions to QT, getting the low-down on Marvel movies, his vision for True Romance, the reception to Death Proof, and much more. Read here.

Jordan Peele

Empire - August 2019 - issue preview

In Get Out, Jordan Peele delivered one of the most iconic horror scenes of the decade – Chris’ descent into The Sunken Place. Read Empire’s oral history of the scene here.

Spike Lee

Empire – October 2019 issue

Writer-director Spike Lee, along with his crew and stars, talk the making of his 1989 masterpiece Do The Right Thing. Read here.

Martin Scorsese

Empire – November 2019

The genius director talks Mean Streets, movie-making, and – yes – Marvel in Empire’s world exclusive interview. Read here.

David Fincher

Empire – December 2019 issue

The man behind Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac and more answers your reader questions. Read here.

Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins – Empire 30

Her debut film Monster saw Charlize Theron win an Oscar – but still, director Patty Jenkins had to fight every step of the way to continue her career, she reveals in an interview with Empire. Read here.

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