Christmas Gift Guide 2015: toys and clothing

bb-8 bauble

by Emma Thrower |
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BB-8 Christmas bauble


Unless BB-8 goes and does a Jar Jar on us, we can’t think of a single reason to hate this infectious little guy. So why not cover your entire tree with droidy baubles as you count down to The Force Awakens' release.

Disney Store

darth vader toy

Darth Vader animatronic figure


Not just your average action figure, this animatronic replica of Star Wars’ most feared big bad appears to have The Force on its side. The Dark Side, that is. Vader not only spouts the Sith Lord's most iconic lines but can also tell exactly how you’ve moved his lightsaber and react accordingly. And it’s not just the arms that move – watch out for Vader’s pelvic sorcery.


Minions: tumbling Stuart


Love them or hate them, those adorable Minions show absolutely no sign of leaving. For those who love them (or have younger Minion-adoring relatives), this nonsense-spewing yellow bundle is the one for you. Stuart bounces back up no matter how hard you push him around, so Minion haters can always use him as a very efficient stressball.


Zombie egg and toast cutter set



Ever thought your breakfast could do with a bit more protein? How about a nice helping of brains? Turn pieces of toast into your weapon of choice and smash away to your heart’s content. Who knew zombie soldiers could be so satisfying?

Game Of Thrones-inspired green dragon egg pendant

£13.47 (plus shipping)

Unleash your inner Khaleesi with this Game Of Thrones-inspired necklace – chain (and dragon) not included. Available in a variety of colours, each pendant is handmade and unique, meaning you won’t find yourself wearing the same piece of jewellery as those folk down in Meereen.

PendantLab (Etsy)

assassin's creed clothes

Assassin’s Creed-inspired clothing


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Desmond Miles, Musterbrand is the place to go. Boasting a range of Assassin’s Creed-inspired clothing that is perfect for the chilly winter months, there are coats, accessories and plenty more to choose from the Black Flag, Syndicate, Templar and Unity collections.


wilson ball castaway



If the cold winter weather isn’t for you, how about transporting yourself to a tropical idyll? As long as you can put the whole abandoned-on-an-island bit to one side, that is. Tom Hanks’ Castaway pal Wilson is also a great alternative to arguing relatives on Christmas Day.



Blade Runner whiskey glass

£94.99 for a set of two

You’ll definitely see things people wouldn’t believe after too many whiskeys from these one-of-a-kind glasses. Replica(nt)s of the ones Deckard uses in Blade Runner and handmade in Italy, these square, diagonally cut glasses are best for those long, rainy nights.


mondo christmas jumpers

Mondo Tees Christmas Jumpers

$40-$85 (plus shipping)

Mondo really don’t make it easy, do they: Gremlins, The Iron Giant, Fargo... Their Christmas jumpers are a thing of cinematic beauty. If seasonal sweaters feel a little overdone, there are also jumpers and scarves on offer – the standout being a reversible scarf that offers one side for daytime and another for after midnight.

Mondo x Middle Of Beyond

Die Hard Christmas Mug


We’ve all seen (and probably own) Dark Bunny Tees’ brilliant Die Hard Christmas jumper. But now John McClane’s infamous scrawl is available in mug form. Whether hot cocoa, egg nog or something a little stronger, this mug is certain to get you through Christmas parties worse than the one at Nakatomi Plaza.

Dark Bunny Tees

Star Wars Death Star mood light


Your own personal Death Star. Sold? Good. Alright, it’s only 18cm in diameter, but the see-through base gives it the illusion of floating. Galaxy domination doesn’t have to be resigned to the bedroom, either, as the light’s nifty little Micro USB cable can hook the Death Star up anywhere you choose.


Kids’ Stormtrooper t-shirt


Is the mini-me in your life desperate to be the Luke or Leia to your Vader? Rather than setting them on a guaranteed path to the Dark Side, how about the next best thing: Stormtroopers. The little person in question won’t get the joke, but will surely appreciate your effort in years to come.

Fabric Flavours

Minions dungarees


Do you know another little person who is always muttering nonsensical jibberish? If they’re under ten years old and can’t get enough of those despicable Minions, well, you’ve just struck gold. With a handy pocket to keep bananas in (other fruits are available), this is a fun take on the iconic costume.

Fabric Flavours

back to the future hoverboard rug

McFly Hoverboard rug

£43.90+ (plus shipping)

When you’re in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need roads. But, considering it’s the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future this year, you definitely need this amazing hoverborad rug. Available in three sizes (from 2’ x 3’ to 4’ x 6’), this may be the closest to a hoverboard we ever get.

Sons Of Wolves

Star Wars baubles

Star Wars Christmas tree baubles


Now here's a Star Wars Holiday Special we can get on board with. Boba Fett becomes Bauble Fett in this official collection of Christmas tree ornaments that should adorn every Jedi's living room this December.


Monkey brains bowl


“Ah, dessert!” What kitchen isn’t complete without this Temple Of Doom-inspired bowl? Red jelly, Christmas cranberry sauce, pomegranate seeds – the brain-like possibilities are endless. Of course, your little severed simian can also be used for non-red food stuffs, too.


R2D2 desk vac


This mini R2 may just be the USB-powered droid you are looking for. Expertly skilled at cleaning up those pesky lunchtime crumbs, this little robo-vac is the perfect gift for Star Wars-lovers and the perpetually messy. Just don’t go expecting any holograms.


Melting Toht candle


Toht. Major Arnold Ernst Toht. If standard Christmas candles don’t quite do it for you, how about some casual face melting instead? Raiders Of The Lost Ark’s final act contains one of the most memorable deaths in cinematic history – just imagine these all over your festive Christmas table setting.


cyberman jumper

Doctor Who Cyberman Christmas jumper


Planning on watching the Doctor Who special this Christmas? Then why not accessorise yourself with your TV. Though we don’t recommend cancelling Christmas, we can’t help being incredibly tempted by this suggestion to delete the festive season.


dalek christmas decoration

Dalek Christmas tree decoration


Remember that Doctor Who episode where a Christmas tree turned into a Dalek? So it’s in no way a scary prospect to cover your entire tree in the things – even if they are a festive red.

Forbidden Planet

deadpool chimichanga van

Pop! Deadpool’s Chimichanga truck


The Merc with a Mouth finally bursts onto our screens in February, with chimichangas, cockiness and weapons in tow. If Wade Wilson in the flesh feels like too much to handle, why not invest in a mini version that even comes with a truck of his favourite snack.

Forbidden Planet

thunderbirds playset

Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island playset

£79.99 (vehicles sold separately)

Those Tracy boys have had a bit of a renaissance of late. Whether wishing to revisit your childhood, raising a new generation of fans or simply wanting to replace your loft-residing Blue Peter papier mâché version, this playset is the answer.

Forbidden Planet

Ghostbusters: The Board Game


A game that exists thanks to Kickstarter, the Ghostbusters board game raised over $1.5 million from eager fans. The set up is quite simple: 1-4 players choose their ‘buster and take on pesky poltergeists. However a range of scenarios and difficulty make this for life, not just for Christmas.

Games Quest

Lego Ecto-1


The Ecto-1 needs no introduction. Four men, their proton packs and a whole load of ectoplasm. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this Lego set. Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore are all in the box, but we can’t promise any spectral action.


batman bottle opener

Batman multitool


Bottle opener, keyring, cross and flathead screwdriver: there’s more to this bat silhouette than meets the eye. A perfect tool for Christmas Day, this not only opens your festive tipple of choice, but works as an aid for assembling any fiddly furniture-type presents.

The Fowndry

geek gods

Geek Gods


These little Buddha-style figures would look amazing as part of any filmy, festive set up. To be honest, they’d look good anywhere. Choose between Boba Fett, C-3PO, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, or leave Star Wars behind completely and opt for the rather fetching gold-bellied Batman.

The Fowndry

Nintendo 64 cartridge soaps


Keep your old school gaming memories close by washing with your favourite replica cartridges. Whether you fancy Donkey Kong scrubbing your underarms or GoldenEye somewhere for James’ eyes only, these citrusy soaps will snap you back to life after an all-night gaming sesh.


Warp pipe mug


This Super Mario-inspired mug really does take hot drinks to the next level. Based on the iconic other world-transporting tubes that pepper one of Nintendo’s finest, this is a must-have for gaming fans. Feel free to use it as a place to grow Piranha Plants, if you prefer.


The Goonies playing cards


Mikey, Mouth, Chunk… The gang’s all here! Card games are a Christmas staple, but the same standard pack gets a tad boring year after year. So why not introduce these Goonies cards to the fold. All together now: “Hey you guyyyyys.”


8-bit cutting board

8-bit game cartridge cutting board

£33.87 (plus shipping)

Slice mushrooms in their natural environment on this 12”x13” 8-bit cartridge board. Sold through Etsy, you’re spoilt for choice customisation-wise, here. As well as having the option of four different types of wood, you can also opt for a personalised message or custom game design. Sold.

Cutting Boredom

beetlejuice iphone case

Beetlejuice wallet iPhone case

£16.22 (plus shipping)

Prepare yourself for the afterlife with this Beetlejuice-inspired iPhone wallet. Just don’t forget to add your friendly local bio-exorcist to your phonebook on buying the thing. With two card slots inside, you can rest in the knowledge that you’ll always have access to your funds from the other side.


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