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The unfolding of the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it all kinds of concerns – for the personal health and safety of our loved ones, and the most vulnerable people in our society. And while delaying the summer’s biggest movies and ensuring that cinemas nationwide are closed in order to slow the spread of Covid-19 is a necessary measure, it’s sure to throw picturehouses across the UK into an uncertain future.

That’s why Empire has launched Celebrate Our Cinemas – a campaign to support our favourite film venues through this difficult time. Read on for full coverage of the campaign, including information on how to help your local cinema in its time of need.

Edgar Wright On The Cinema Experience

Edgar Wright
©Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

British filmmaker Edgar Wright writes on his love of the cinema experience and everything that comes with it – and offers a passionate argument for why it’s more vital than ever in an age of digital streaming and bountiful home entertainment. Read it here.

How To Help Your Local Cinema

Celebrate Our Cinemas: How To Help

Whether it’s financial support in the shape of gift cards and memberships, or even just supporting messages on social media, here’s what you can do to throw your weight behind your nearest and dearest cinemas. Read more here.

Your Favourite Cinema Memories

Celebrate Our Cinemas – Cinema Screen

We asked you to tell us about the cinema experiences that have meant the most to you – and you responded en masse, telling us about your first ever trips, your midnight screenings, the classics you caught on the big screen, and much more. Read the highlights here.

Your Favourite Cinemas

Celebrate Our Cinemas

From massive multiplexes to intimate independents, you shared your favourite cinemas from around the UK (and further afield). Read all about them.

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