Bill Gold’s Most Iconic Movie Posters

Casablanca poster crop

by Ben Travis |
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Some of film’s most iconic images aren’t from the movies themselves — film posters can become as well-known and recognisable as the pictures they’re promoting. That’s certainly the case with the work of poster designer Bill Gold, who has passed away aged 97. The artist had an epic career spanning eight decades of cinema classics, from Casablanca in 1942 (only his second assignment ever, following Yankee Doodle Dandy), to Clint Eastwood’s biopic J. Edgar in 2011.

Along the way he designed work for the films of Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Laurence Olivier, Ridley Scott, William Friedkin, Ron Howard and plenty more of Hollywood’s all-time greats. Take a look below at some of his very best and most famous poster designs, which are long-ingrained in the history of cinema — and bound to inspire future designers for decades to come.


Bill Gold posters

(1942, Michael Curtiz)

Strangers on a Train

Bill Gold posters

(1951, Alfred Hitchcock)

Dial M for Murder

Bill Gold posters

(1954, Alfred Hitchcock)

Bonnie and Clyde

Bill Gold posters

(1967, Arthur Penn)

Cool Hand Luke

Bill Gold posters

(1967, Stuart Rosenberg)


Bill Gold posters

(1968, Peter Yates)

A Clockwork Orange

Bill Gold posters

(1971, Stanley Kubrick)

Dirty Harry

Bill Gold posters

(1971, Don Siegel)


Bill Gold posters

(1972, John Boorman)

The Exorcist

Bill Gold posters

(1973, William Friedkin)

The Sting

Bill Gold posters

(1973, George Roy Hill)

For Your Eyes Only

Bill Gold posters

(1981, John Glen)


Bill Gold posters

(1986, Oliver Stone)

The Untouchables

Bill Gold posters

(1987, Brian De Palma)


Bill Gold posters

(1990, Martin Scorsese)


Bill Gold posters

(1992, Clint Eastwood)

Mystic River

Bill Gold posters

(2003, Clint Eastwood)

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