X-Men: Destiny Review

X-Men: Destiny  

by Sebastian Williamson |
Published on

Canadian developer Silicon Knights was once the poster child for brilliance in the development world with critically lauded titles like Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the Gamecube nestled under its belt. Then Too Human stumbled onto the scene in 2008 and knocked them off their pedestal.

Sadly, their shot at redemption, X-Men: Destiny, is equally abysmal affair marred by a catalogue of failures including clunky character models, lamentable voice acting and infuriating controls. Destiny is a role-playing button basher that puts you in control of one of three young mutants who suddenly realise they’re genetically gifted in the middle of a San Francisco peace rally to commemorate the death of Professor X that has come under attack by a mysterious foe.

The script, from the normally dependable Mike Carey and current scribbler on the X-Men: Legacy series, is dire and riddled with face-slapping puns, while supposed consequential choices barely affect the overall, and disappointingly short, narrative arc. What’s even more concerning, and yet telling, is how X-Men: Destiny was simply rolled out onto shelves with little to no support from either developer or publisher.

It’s not a total loss and there’s some enjoyment to be had by exploring your character’s nascent powers but all-in-all this is a disappointing outing for Marvel’s X-Men. Professor X was wise to sit this one out.

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