WET Review


by David McComb |
Published on

An explosive tale of revenge starring a sexy ballbuster in skintight leather, who somersaults through the air in slow motion while picking off enemies with smoking pistols and a flashing samurai blade – what’s not to like about WET? Quite a lot, unfortunately.

An unabashed homage to Tarantino and grindhouse movies, WET plays like a sexed-up Devil May Cry and thrusts players into a relentless, ultra-violent killathon brought to life by slick cinematic effects, the visual flourishes including a grainy filter that dances across the screen and slick devices that highlight dramatic moments, making the whole experience feel like The Bride’s blood-splattered battle in the House Of The Blue Leaves in Kill Bill: Vol 1.

But while it looks fantastic, WET lives up to its name: the action is initially thrilling, but quickly becomes bland as you only need a handful of moves to slaughter everything that moves; the humdrum boss battles amount to little more than pressing buttons in the correct sequence; and the levels are frustratingly linear, giving you limited opportunity to leave the beaten path and use the heroine’s athletic abilities to make your own fun.

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