Velvet Assassin Review

Velvet Assassin

by David McComb |
Published on

While World War II has provided the explosive backdrop for an avalanche of Nazi-baiting blasters in recent months, the stealthy action of Velvet Assassin is a much more sober affair.

Based on the real-life story of Violette Szabo – an Allied spy who helped defeat German forces by sabotaging French roads and rail networks – Velvet Assassin ditches the gung-ho machismo of Call Of Duty in favour of Splinter Cell-style sneaking, the clandestine heroine sticking to the shadows and using muted – yet toe-curlingly violent – attacks to slaughter the Hun and save the day.

Brought to life by a dreamlike visual style and clever flashback structure where the heroine relives her escapades as she lies injured in a German prison, Velvet Assassin is an enjoyable and atmospheric take on the horrors of war. However, despite its glossy veneer, the tense covert action will be achingly familiar to fans of Splinter Cell, and anyone who lacks the patience to lurk in the shadows and wait for the perfect moment to strike will be turned off by the game’s slow, considered pace.

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