Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Review

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

by David McComb |
Published on

While there’s no denying the power or potential of Sony’s new console, it’s frustrating to see so many launch games sticking doggedly with tried-and-tested formulas, offering nothing new except sharper, more vibrant graphics. And in a library that’s reluctant to take risks, Untold Legends is the worst offender.

A monotonous hack-and-slash fantasy adventure, Untold Legends is exactly the same as any other dungeon-crawler you’ve played over the last decade; choose a hero, fight monsters and earn the experience points you need to evolve your fighter from wide-eyed weakling into fearsome demon slayer. But while there’s a certain joy in earning the resources to beef-up your avatar, the repetitive, button-bashing combat, linear storyline and offensively-simple puzzles aren’t enough to keep you gripped to this overly familiar swashbuckler.

Excruciating loading times, lifeless environments you can’t interact with and a camera that often gets snagged on the environments also conspire to make Untold Legends one of the worst games on the PS3, and a title that would have been just as much fun on a vintage 16-bit console.

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