Terminator 3: Redemption Review

Terminator 3: Redemption

by David McComb |
Published on

Despite being blessed with enough robots, guns and time-travel trickery to inspire a dozen digital adventures, no game based on the Terminator movies has ever captured their chaotic action or cheesy charm. Thankfully, while Redemption isn’t perfect, it towers above its puny predecessors.

Offering a heady mix of genres, its main appeal is variety: one minute you’ll be stomping through a crumbling city, kicking the crap out of rival T-800s; the next you’ll be thrown into a high-octane driving sequence with deadly Hover-Killers on your tail. The game also features a series of frantic levels where you’re either on top of a car or hanging out of a helicopter, blowing away waves of enemies.

While hardened gamers will have seen Redemption’s level styles tackled before — and

better — in a thousand games, it’s still great for a quick blast of Terminator action.

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