SHIFT 2: Unleashed Review

SHIFT 2: Unleashed

by Sebastian Williamson |
Published on

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit this is not. SHIFT 2: Unleashed is the simulation inspired arm of the iconic EA 'Need For Speed' brand and despite the fact that it looks absolutely stunning, this petrol-head pleaser is not for the casual gamers among you.

Yes, it eases you into the fast lane gently over the first couple of hours, but once it’s in there and the gears have been shifted, SHIFT 2: Unleashed is a real punisher, with an incredibly steep learning curve. Your opponents - artificially enhanced bastards that they are - will make every attempt to railroad you off the track when you’re in the middle of a high-speed turn.

However, if you’re reading this review and you’re a driving game aficionado, then you’ll already know what to expect from Slightly Mad’s latest entry in the long-running series and would probably balk at this scribbler’s feeble Sunday driving sessions.

It does have a monster roster of races for you to dip into, numerous challenges, eliminators and a supped up edition of the excellent Autolog feature that made Hot Pursuit so much fun to play with friends and a bustling EA online community. Far from a Forza and Gran Turismo 5 beater, SHIFT 2: Unleashed is still worth a spin, if you think you can handle it.

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