Ridge Racer 7 Review

Ridge Racer 7

by David McComb |
Published on

Having launched every Sony console from the original PlayStation onwards, it’s no surprise to see Ridge Racer skidding into the PS3’s debut line-up. But if you’re a fan of Namco’s stylish racers, this seventh edition will be painfully familiar.

While the developers have introduced car customisation and slipstream speed boosts to add variety to the traditional mix, RR7 is still about sliding around ludicrous bends at terrifying speeds, a thrilling yet absurd experience that feels unduly shallow compared to other realistic racers currently doing the rounds. Like in previous RRs the cars don’t take damage during collisions either, making the game look pedestrian beside more theatrical speedsters such as Burnout where you can smash your machines into piles of twisted metal. Worst of all, though, Namco’s inaugural PS3 release features the same tracks as RR6, a crushing disappointment for loyal devotees of the series.

In a library bereft of real-world racers, RR7 is still tremendous fun and boasts the razor-sharp graphics and luscious presentation you’d expect from the world’s most powerful console. But if you’re looking for a next-gen racer that redefines digital driving, this isn’t it.

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