Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3

by Sebastian Williamson |
Published on

Burbank developer Insomniac Games has wisely hit the reset button on its flagship franchise, eschewing the second title’s bloated multiplayer and elite soldier squad hook in favour of a bleak but brilliantly atmospheric tale of survival against all the odds.

With former narrative leech Nathan Hale out of the way, you now play as Joseph Capelli –husband, father, soldier and Hale’s executioner during the closing moments of 2008’s Resistance 2 – on a mission to strike a killing blow to Chimeran invasion deep in the heart of New York. Welcomed tweaks to gameplay mechanics include the ability to carry as much weaponry as you please thanks to the addition of a slick weapon wheel, plus the return of series stalwart shooters, the Bullseye and the Auger.

Despite some odd detours that jar with the rest of the impressive campaign and a stumbling final push towards the riveting finale, Resistance 3’s strengths far outweigh its shortcomings, resulting in what is by far the finest entry in the stirring series. Throw in infinitely tighter multiplayer modes (now capped at 16, rather than 60), blistering campaign co-op, eye-popping stereoscopic 3D and the addition of PlayStation Move motion control support and you’ve got an airtight alibi for the weekend.

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