Monster Hunter 3: Tri Review

Monster Hunter 3: Tri

by Sebastian Williamson |
Published on

Already a mammoth success in the East, Capcom’s epically crafted open world beast-stalker, Monster Hunter 3: Tri arrives on our shores this month with aplomb. Guaranteed to consume the diehards already savvy with the series on Sony’s portable system, Tri is the studio’s attempt at converting the non-portable crowd, pushing the intensely deep mechanics of the series into the hands of gamers who have overlooked the title since its original inception on PlayStation 2.

All-in-all the operation has been a success, with Capcom valiantly eschewing the horrendously stretched tutorial that plagued casual gamers in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP, easing them into Tri’s mechanics through a more natural series of user-friendly tasks. That said, it’s still going to take the average Monster Hunter at least eight hours before digging into the real meat of the game, but once they’re in, they’ll find it nigh on impossible to relinquish control.

It’s arguably the finest-looking Wii title to date and a solid gaming experience. A word of warning, though: for the paramount experience, Tri is best played using the Wii’s Classic Controller or the Pro pad.

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