Mario Kart Wii Review

Mario Kart Wii

by David McComb |
Published on

As every generation of gamers has had a Mario Kart to call their own, it’s no surprise that every new entry in Nintendo’s hallowed franchise is a victim of intense scrutiny. But despite a handful of problems that undermine the candy-coloured hilarity, the series’ Wii debut is an accomplished mash-up that will delight all but the most po-faced MK purist.

While the game’s focus is still collecting ridiculous weapons and its delirious turn of speed, increasing the number of racers from eight to 12 adds a new sense of chaos to the surreal scrambles, while the ability to perform stunts and earn boosts perfectly complements the short-cuts and powerslides that made the series famous. The new Wii Wheel is also a fun way to play the game, the simplest of gestures allowing you to slide around impossible bends or unleash stunts at the apex of a jump.

Long-time fans will be frustrated that the distribution of weapons still seems unfair, and that the battle mode no longer allows free-for-all skirmishes. But as a cartoon racer that never takes itself too seriously, MK is an undisputed classic.

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