The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth II – The Rise Of The Witch-King Review

by Luke Albiges |
Published on

Battle For Middle-Earth II, like its predecessor, was a superb title for recreating the epic battles of Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy. This expansion goes far beyond what the silver screen has shown us, however, allowing you to cut fresh swathes through the unwitting nations of Middle-Earth. The new campaign follows the rise to power of the Angmar faction, which brings to the fray a handful of interesting new units types such as Thrall Masters (who can call forth any number of unit types at will) and powerful sorcerers. War Of The Ring mode has also been tightened significantly, letting you play out the entire war from a strategic overview map, while dropping into real-time battles whenever a territory is under threat.

Rise Of The Witch-King, like all good add-ons, doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel, but rather serves up a satisfying second helping, sufficiently tweaked to feel fresh once more. Most players of the original were left wanting new lands to conquer, which is lucky because that’s just what Rise Of The Witch-King delivers.

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