The Last Airbender Review

The Last Airbender

by Dave McComb |
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Nintendo’s Wii has gifted developers with a console unrestrained by traditional gamepads and the opportunity to take a new approach to their art. And as M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie revolves around the flamboyant spinning of elements into magical attacks, The Last Airbender is a perfect opportunity for imaginative coders to mimic the big screen action and make players feel totally immersed in the experience. Predictably, however, the people behind this big screen spin-off have taken the easy way out.

Rather than a fighting game where you’re forced to learn ever-more complicated gestures to command the powers of air and fire, The Last Airbender is another identikit combat-action adventure game where attacking enemies is simply a matter of hammering ‘A’ or using occasional button combinations to unleash special moves. And while there are a handful of sequences where holding the controller in a certain way will allow you to use extravagant attacks, the fact the Wii often fails to recognise the moves you’re attempting makes for an awkward, unpolished and deeply frustrating experience.

Poor graphics that make The Last Airbender look like a Wii game from over a year ago don’t help matters either. The fact that most kids will complete the whole thing in a little under six hours will enrage parents who’ve just spent 30 quid on such a fleeting adventure.

Another movie spin-off that’s been rushed onto the shelves to tie-in with a cinematic release, The Last Airbender is one of the most shameful Wii releases this year, and pales in comparison to other titles the system’s delivered in recent months such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, and the upcoming Metroid: Other M.

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