Justice League Heroes Review

Justice League Heroes

by David McComb |
Published on

What do you get if you cross DC Comic’s Justice League posse – including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash – with the dungeon-crawling, monster-mashing action of Baldur’s Gate? The best game in the world? Sadly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While JLH features a huge range of inky heroes, the early sections of the game force you to play as specific characters who suit the plot progression, quickly making you yearn for the chance to sample other heroes in the game’s super-powered line-up. Even worse, while you get to choose who you control in the middle section of the game, you’re once again forced to use specific heroes as you approach the final showdown with Brainiac, a crushing disaster if you’ve spent most of the game leveling-up and evolving a hero who doesn’t take part in the explosive denouement.

The linear levels, lack of decent puzzles, poor variety of enemies and frustrating intelligence of your computer-controlled comrades also conspire to make JLH a missed opportunity, and while it can be fun using your favourite hero’s signature moves to flatten armies of dumbass rivals, the relentless punch-kick-punch-kick action soon becomes tiresome.

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