GT Legends Review

GT Legends

by David McComb |
Published on

As the shelves in every games store are straining under the weight of realistic racing simulations, any speed-fest hoping to pull ahead of the pack has a challenge on its hands. But by reaching back in time and giving petrol-heads a chance to take the wheel of the most famous GT and touring cars of yesteryear, GT Legends is a refreshing change and a thrilling ride.

Featuring almost 100 legendary cars of the ’60s and ’70s – including the Porsche 906, Ford Mustang, Corvette Stingray and Mini Cooper – the game lets players loose on 11 tracks from Hockenheim to Donnington, where winning races and thrashing tournaments gives you access to the game’s sexiest motors.

Skilful wheel-work is essential if you want to tame these metal monsters as they lack the precise handling of modern models in a game like Gran Turismo, the game doing a remarkable job of conveying the speed, weight and grip of these stylish-yet-unforgiving vehicles.

Catastrophic crashes that leave your cars virtually undamaged, and multiplayer scrambles that are limited to 16 racers, may well pique hardened simulation fans, but for a chance to drive of some of the most beautiful cars ever built, GT Legends is a must.

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