God Of War II Review

by David McComb |
Published on

For the sequel to God Of War, the biggest challenge was improving on an action game that was damn-near perfect in the first place. But in sticking with the PS2 rather than wrestling with its new-fangled successor, the developers have created a sprawling, sublimely gripping adventure that’s superior to anything the PS3 has to offer.

Like the original, GOWII’s appeal is its bewildering sense of scale, incredible storytelling and unflinchingly gory combat; whether you’re scaling the body of a towering Titan to deliver the killer blow, arrogantly mocking the gods of ancient Greece or hacking the wings off a soaring Griffen before leaping to safety on the flying horse Pegasus, the game’s diverse challenges and delirious pace will leave even the hardiest gamer’s head in a spin.

More an evolution of the classic formula than a revolutionary new approach, GOWII polishes every aspect of the first game and boasts some of the richest, most imaginative graphics in console history. The PS2 may be on its last legs, but this is one hell of a way to go.

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