Full Auto 2: Battlelines Review

Full Auto 2: Battlelines

by David McComb |
Published on

As Full Auto was amongst the first titles to skid onto the Xbox 360, Sega’s combat-heavy speedster was subjected to the harsh scrutiny of early adopters hungry for new thrills, and there was no shortage of online and printed reviews slamming the game for its poor handling, dull weapons and shoddy presentation. But while the developers could be in no doubt what was wrong with their first attempt at blending the pyrotechnics of Twisted Metal with the arcade sensibilities of Ridge Racer, the PS3 sequel doesn’t do enough to correct the original game’s failings.

While the dreaded slow-down than brought chaotic races grinding to a standstill has been eradicated – and a new battle arena mode is now included to make better use of the game’s outrageous weaponry – the car handling still feels delicate and twitchy, even the most rugged vehicle feeling light as a feather as it hares around impossible bends, crashes through the foyer of a skyscraper or launches into the air from a strategically placed ramp. And while the weapons have been tweaked to give them more punch, simultaneously using the PS3 controller’s buttons to select weapons, apply your handbrake and aim your guns can leave you in an uncomfortable tangle of fingers and thumbs and overly reliant on the game’s most basic armaments.

The game’s destructible environments are a marked improvement over the original – and the way they allow you to find ever-more interesting routes through the courses can be both satisfying and exciting – but it doesn’t excuse the fact that Full Auto 2 doesn’t feel like a step forward for digital driving, and is another disappointment for anyone who’s squandered a week’s wages on a PS3.

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