Far Cry Vengeance Review

by David McComb |
Published on

For anyone who’s blasted through Jack Carver’s brutal jungle adventures on the Xbox or PC, your first glimpse of Far Cry Vengeance will be a crippling disappointment; while earlier editions featured visuals to die for – especially on the Xbox, surely the system’s best looking game – the Wii version often looks like it’s running on a PSP, with jerky enemies, chunky environments and ‘special’ effects that can’t hold a candle to previous episodes.

Visual disappointments aside, Vengeance does a fine job of using the Wii’s nunchuk and remote in tandem to steer the action. And while in Ubisoft’s other Wii blaster, Red Steel, the slightest movement sends you reeling unceremoniously into walls, Vengeance feels less twitchy and unforgiving, showing the Wii is perfectly capable of handling shooters, and that using the motion controls makes you feel as if you’re part of a real gunfight.

Ridicously stupid enemies teamed with the blocky visuals make Vengeance an initially horrifying experience, but if you can’t survive without a little gunplay on your new console and are willing to put in the effort to get to grips with the controls, this ambitious blaster is certainly worth a shot.

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