Chili Con Carnage Review

Chili Con Carnage

by David McComb |
Published on

With a bodycount that would dwarf the population of most European countries, a hatchet-wielding assassin who hurls exploding chickens and the best game title since Super Money Ball, Mexican blaster Chili Con Carnage is the most fun you can have with a PSP.

A sequel to the PS2’s Total Overdose, CCC challenges players to execute an army of sombrero-clad outlaws. But while your Antonio Banderas-style avatar has nearly 300 ways to slaughter his rivals, it’s not about how many people you off, but how stylishly you do it; outrageous moves such as sprinting up a wall, somersaulting backwards and plugging enemies as you fly through the air earns more points than simple kills, and the more deaths you string together the greater the rewards, such as extra juice in your energy bar or the ability to unleash even more murderous combos.

Although it can often be difficult to draw a bead on specific enemies as your hero automatically targets his nearest threat, CCC’s lush presentation and variety of bloodthirsty multiplayer modes make this spicy offering irresistible.

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